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Thunder Dome Classic Car Museum

Thunder Dome Car Museum is a premier car museum and event venue. We showcase classic cars while building lasting memories through personalized events.

TUCKED INTO THE SMALL TOWN of Enumclaw, Washington, this museum is packed from the vintage car lover’s dreams. Including a rotating collection of classic, vintage, and other exotic import cars sure to capture visitors’ attention.

On any given day, visitors might see a Model T Firetruck from 1921, a 1964 Falcon Sprint, race legend Sam Auxier Jr’s ford racing rig, or the Boss 429 Mustang. You can find us open every second and fourth Saturday of any month and you can find us at all types of  premium car events during the year.

In truth, the Thunder Dome’s goal is to spread the word about the Museum and our mission behind it. In fact, the museum started as a home for private collector’s vehicles. Since then it has grown and the proceeds help benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Washington. They also often host both public and private events where local car clubs show off their vehicles. 

Lastly, after a hard working week, it’s never not a beautiful weekend to come and treat yourself to some of the most beautiful, custom, vintage, and premium cars!

The Glass Car Garage at Thunder Dome Opening
Thunder Dome Car Museum in Enumclaw, Washington
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Thunderdome Museum will be open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

9am - 4pm